5 Reasons to Go Resimercial for Your Next Office Redesign

Resimercial (short for residential commercial) incorporates a home-like atmosphere into work, and it is quickly becoming the defining trend of 21st-century office design.

Here are 5 reasons to consider it for your next office redesign:

1. Not Just for the Young

Not just Millennials, but Baby Boomers & Generation X all want an office space that looks and feels good. Resimercial provides the comfort and style that all workers are craving.

2. Promote Wellness

Wellness and mental health surged as an important part of corporate culture; resimercial designs spaces that put wellness front and center.

3. Offer Choice at Work

Not all people work the same. Resimercial offers working spaces suited to different tasks and styles through providing a variety of environments including couches, desks and bean bag chairs.

4. Compete with Working Remote

With flexible work options becoming more popular, companies need to make their space more competitive with a person’s home. Resimercial delivers the comforts of home alongside the benefits of the office.

5. Design Counts

Leading companies are investing big in office spaces design for better culture, retention and productivity. Resimercial focuses not just on physical comfort, but looking good while achieving it.

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