MAiSpace Modular System

The MAiSpace Modular System from MAI

MAISPACE's stackable off-modular frame design offers exceptional flexibility and unmatched quality. Moreover, the MAISPACE award-winning cable management system is the answer to managing technology in the workplace. Best of all, the MAISPACE system is affordable. By combining lean manufacturing methods with supply chain management, we've reduced costs across the board. The bottom line, MAISPACE not only offers the most features and flexibility but also the best value in office furniture systems.

  • Off-modular panels, bins and worksurfaces provide unlimited flexibility and personalization of the workspace.
  • Managing voice, data and power cabling is a cinch with MAI because cable runs are laid in behind lift-off panel segments, not bundled and fished through structural elements.
  • Lay-in jumpers enable fast and easy changes for power runs above or below worksurfaces.
  • Each workspace can be equipped with at least one 4-circuit, 8-wire system including a dedicated circuit for computer equipment.

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