STAD Modular System

The STAD Modular System by Lacasse

More than just office furniture, the STAD collection by Lacasse is a professional lifestyle. Answering to the emerging needs of today’s open plan workspaces, including more privacy when desired and collaborative or impromptu meeting areas. The components can be reconfigured time and again, with adjustable height tables, modular soft seating and poufs for greater comfort and better posture.

  • Made with high-quality raw materials (wood, metal, textile and laminate), this collection brings nature into the office, for a calm, vibrant atmosphere.
  • Airy, well-thought-out and highly functional, STAD creates a mainly open workspace that is conducive to teamwork and communication.
  • Fabric screens, cushions and poufs optimize comfort and well-being, making the space feel like home.

Not available online, Please call for more information - 215.855.0400