Arold Hiphop Modular System

The Arold HipHop Modular System by Lacasse

Whether predictable, conventional, progressive or fluid, the rhythm of the room is set and becomes an inviting center of interest. With the Hip Hop collection, fluidity and contrasts will be the determining factors of your layout. Parallel lines converging towards a vanishing point on the horizon create an illusion of depth and give character to large spaces.

  • Lines, colours or repeated patterns are an endless source of inspiration for creating fantastic combinations.
  • To renew the energy of your surrounding…Take pleasure in superimposing shapes, modifying converging lines or accentuating detail in order to open up smaller spaces.
  • The Arold Hiphop System proposes a bold collection that responds accurately to the principles of composition that create remarkable design : balance, contrast, proportion, movement, variety, unity and repetition. The only thing remaining is to place your creation!

Not available online, Please call for more information - 215.855.0400