Sonoma Wardrobe Cabinet

The Sonoma Wardrobe Cabinet by GlobalCare

The Sonoma Collection was developed in conjunction with leading healthcare professionals, designers and end-users to reflect current methods of delivery and the changing expectations of people in care. Built using proprietary manufacturing technology that has been field tested for ten years, providing unparalleled durability. Specifiers will find the Sonoma Collection is modular and aligns dimensionally to minimize the footprint and maximize the available space. Provides the flexibility, enhanced utility and the attention to detail that render a friendly and nurturing environment. Developed in response to the needs of care givers and changing expectations of people in care.

  • Sonoma Wardrobes exemplify the attention to detail that can turn a small space into a usable and enjoyable place to live
  • Interior door hooks provide a place to assist residents with daily clothing selection
  • A range of models provides a different mix of hanging, folded or drawer storage to better reflect the needs of men and women
  • The aluminum extrusions offer increased protection from the impact of mobile equipment and furniture used in these demanding environments
  • Products are freestanding with under unit clearance for cleaning access
  • Wardrobe cabinets offer a safety garment hook to support a maximum of 75 lbs

Not available online, Please call for more information - 215.855.0400