Electric Rectangular Split Top Sit Stand Desk

Electric Rectangular Split Top Sit Stand Desk (HE3048MS)

Designed to fit in wherever you need it to be—the ergonomic Sit-Stand can work as a freestanding desk at home or in an office, or within a systems environment. Moving silently up and down in seconds with the touch of a button, the smooth and powerful, yet silent, computer controlled motor moves the desk at 2 inches per second, quickly making the transition from seated to standing position heights so that you can easily work sitting or standing.

  • Monoleg base.
  • Fingertip controlled 3-position programmable switch.
  • Height adjustment from 26.5" to 43".
  • Split Top Design
  • Load capacity up to 160 lbs.
  • 30x48" Rectangular Top

Not available online, Please call for more information - 215.855.0400